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innoversum offers services on the full spectrum of innovation: from project based collaborations all the way to the support of transformation processes. At the core, the work we do is about navigating complexity by identifying the right problem and empowering you to find novel solutions.

Below you can explore the range of offerings. We are aware that every problem is unique and needs a tailored approach for solving it. Want to learn more? Book your free first consultation call now.

What is your challenge?

Business Design

Business Design is the intersection of design and business. At the core, it combines the tools of business with the ethos of design to answer questions like:

How can my/our company set itself apart from competitors?

What makes us unique?
How can we position ourselves in a new way?
How can we attract and reach a new customer segment?

How can we alter our offerings and feature?

What is our business model?

How can we become more sustainable?

Who are we?

Why and how
are we innovating?

Strategic Innovation

Strategic innovation is about innovation strategy and processes within a company. Typically, it involves questions like:

What are our innovation goals? What is our innovation strategy?

What processes do we need to implement so our innovation projects become more successful?

How can we cultivate new growth engines while sustaining the core business?

What formats of innovation match our company?

Innovation Culture

Innovation is not just a strategy and some tools. It needs a new mindset, a new way of working and approaching challenges.

How can we learn and fail quickly?
How do we become more creative?

What kind of processes do we need in order to be more innovative?

How do we become more agile and collaborative?

How can we live new work?

How are we working?

For whom do we innovate?

Innovation Projects

Innovation always starts with understanding the people you design for. Thus, building empathy is key for every successfull project.

Who are our customers, what are their drivers, needs, painpoints?

What jobs do our customers want to get done and how can we respond to that?

What types of novel solutions do our customers prefer?

How can we come up with novel concepts and ideas to test with our customers?

How should our customer-facing service or process be like?


Let's talk business.

Are you interested in learning more about innoversum or how we work? If we can collaborate on your challenge? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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